Trail Work Schedule: 8 Bridges Work Day Postponed to 8/20


Update August 12: Due to the threat of heavy rains today (Friday 8/12) and tomorrow, we’ve decided to postpone the 8 Bridges Trail Work Day until next Saturday 8/20.  This is both for the sake of trail preservation and more importabtly for the safety of the volunteers (nothing says “unsafe” like schlepping lumber across wet rocks, roots and mud).  So same time, same place, just one week later.  Now back to our regularly scheduled blog post…

What a difference a year makes: last year at this time the trails were in a constant state of saturation.  Open one day, underwater the next.  This season the weather’s been much kinder to us, and in conjunction with unending volunteer efforts of so many dedicated members and having the Sustainable Trailworks boys always on top of maintenance, we’re in a much better state.  So since the trails have required a lot less daily maintenance this season, we’re now able to turn our attention to some bigger initiatives.

The end of Cady Hill Connector in its current state, pin flags for the reroute straight ahead...

The end of Cady Hill Connector in its current state, pin flags for the reroute straight ahead…

This Saturday July 30 we’ll be breaking ground on a new trail / reroute in Cady Hill Forest, connecting Cady Hill Connector to the upper part of the network.  For anyone that’s ridden this trail in its current state, you’ll know that it’s a) wicked steep, b) prone to erosion and c) not that fun to ride.  So the new trail will enable you to carry your momentum from Cady Hill Connector straight across the existing trail, then meander through a series of switchbacks around the granite ledges in that area, up to the the Schween Haus loops.  Good times.

So meet at the top of Cady Hill road (map to the location HERE) at 9 a.m. this Saturday for some new trail building fun. As usual, bring work gloves, snacks and water, we’ll provide tools and guidance.  Hooray for new trails!

8 Bridges Trail Word Day: Postponed to Saturday 8/20

8 Bridges Trail Word Day: Postponed to Saturday 8/20

In other trail building news, SMBC is collaborating with our friends at the Catamount Trail Association and Stowe Nordic to do some much needed rebuild and repair on the 8 Bridges / Catamount Trail in Sterling Valley.  Hard to believe, but these bridges were built over ten years ago.  On Saturday August 13, at 9:00 a.m. we’ll meet at the Sterling Gorge parking area / pond and start the rebuilding process.  The plan is to work until about 2 p.m. then adjourn to the pond for a pot luck picnic and some adult beverages.

Many volunteers have already stepped up to start moving wood and supplies to each bridge so the day will be split between the actual bridge building efforts and the continuation of the wood transportation.  So please, tell your friends and join us in Sterling Valley to help repair one of Stowe’s classic four-season trails. See you there!


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