Bike Maintenance - Tires and Tubes


How to change a flat…courtesy of Tad Davis/AJ’s Ski and Sports
Tools required:
• Tire levers (2-­3)
• Pump (frame or floor)
• Pressure gauge
• Patch kit or spare tube
• Open end wrench 14/15mm
• Valve adapter

1. Disconnect the brakes
2. Loosen the quick release skewer or axle bolts
3. Remove the wheel
4. Break the bead of the tire around the rim on both sides
5. Insert the first tire lever across from the valve and hook on a spoke
6. Insert the second tire lever a couple of spokes away from the first lever
7. Work the second tire lever around the wheel to remove the tire bead from one side of the rim
8. Remove the tube and inspect the tube, tire, rim strip, and rim for cause of flat and repair accordingly
9. Partially inflate the tube
10. Insert the tube, valve stem first
11. Push the valve stem up and work the tire’s bead back into the rim
12. Inflate the tube until the tire just holds shape
13. Inspect the tire to insure that it’s bead is seated properly
14. Inflate the tube to proper pressure
15. Reinstall the wheel
16. Tighten the quick release skewer or axle nuts
17. Reconnect the brakes


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