Bikes and Horses

In Stowe, we are fortunate to have a singletrack trail network where horses and bikes rarely come into contact.
That said, it is possible while traveling the gravel back roads or on a misty trail it is possible that you may come upon a horse.
Being a good trail user is the same as a good citizen, so it’s important we treat all folks we run into on our rides with courtesy and respect regardless of how they are travelling.
When  interacting with folks on horses keep a few things in mind:
-Say hello courteously as soon as you seen the horse & rider.  This helps the horse recognize a human is approaching (this may not be obvious to the horse when you think about how foreign we must be).
-Slow down in a reasonable manner as you approach the horse and rider.  If eventually passing the horse and rider, let them know politely what side you’ll be passing on.
These are the same concepts when we come up on someone else riding on singletrack
Keep in mind that being 6 feet up in the air is not the safest place to be surprised; you wouldn’t want someone blowing by you or shouting at you just after launching an air on Flo… it’s the same situation for the folks up on a horse.
As the Stowe Trails Partnership looks to expand our network it is imperative that we all create a friendly welcoming cohort on the trail.  Thanks for being a part of our success.

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