Fat Biking this Winter?


Follow the “rules of the road”

Riders - now that winter weather has set in…..so has fat biking. So, before we start getting our winter mojo on, let’s talk about some ‘rules of the road’. First, Fat biking is not officially allowed on all the trails that we are used to riding in warmer months. The Town of Stowe is working on adopting it into the recreation plan. Soooo, for Cady Hill Forest please keep the riding to the following trails: Cady Hill Climb, Cady Hill Connector, Flo, Snake, Charlie’s (via iRide), and Bear’s. Be sure to ride only where there is enough snow pack, and yield to the other users, such as walkers, snowshoers, skiers, and runners.

Please do not to enter the Schween Haus area. This is officially closed off by the State to winter recreational use due to sensitive habitat and natural areas.

DO NOT RIDE unless you are sure that fat biking is permitted!

Riding is not permitted on the Perry Hill trails, as per the State of Vermont.

Some basic guidelines for a fat bike that will be primarily ridden on snow:

  • Wide tires

  • Tire pressure will often be less than 10 PSI. Enough floatation that you can travel over snow without leaving a rut deeper than one
  • Ride on the packed and firmest part of the track (do not ride in soft conditions).
  • If there is not enough snow, take a ‘time out’. Riding on trails that are freezing and thawing (without snow coverage), can damage the trails.
  • Be an ambassador for the sport: Be polite, educate other riders, and follow the rules.
  • Thank you for your cooperation, be safe, and have fun!!

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