SMBC and all non-motorized outdoor enthusiasts truly appreciate your generosity in allowing your community to use your land for trails. SMBC has been working since 2001 with landowners like you to develop and maintain trails to be used responsibly by local mountain bikers, and to continuously gain access to expand this accountable network.

Our trail chiefs who lead trail development have been trained by IMBA and consider the following components when designing a trail:

Low impact - the trails are narrow, generally 18 inches wide, cutting only saplings and branches. No large trees are moved other than those “blown down”. Design interesting and beautiful trails - our trails are designed to take advantage of the natural beauty and the salient characteristics of the terrain. Care in construction - trails are laid out to cause as minimal erosion as possible. Wet areas are avoided or handled with bridges and rockwork. Trails are kept raked seasonally so the user finds it easy to stay on the trail. Natural obstacles are left in place to prevent motorized vehicles from using trails.

Dispersion of users - as more trails are added, users are more dispersed and the wear and tear of heavy use is lessened allowing the trails to be used for much longer periods of time.

Maintenance - once trails are approved and established they are closely monitored for their condition. Trail work is performed on all trails periodically. We are confident that you will enjoy the experience of having trails on your land. We consider the right to use your land a tremendous privilege.

To discuss how your land can be used by the SMBC, please contact Drew Clymer at [email protected]. References are available upon request.


Vermont has developed laws with the intent of protecting the generosity of landowners who make their land available for recreation. To paraphrase the law; “A landowner is not liable should someone get hurt while recreating on their property, whether the landowner is aware of the activity or not. “

Vermont State Law VSA Title 12, Section 5793.(a) states, “An owner shall not be liable for property damage or personal injury sustained by a person who, without consideration, enters or goes upon the owner’s land for a recreational use unless the damage or injury is the result of the willful or wanton misconduct of the owner.” In addition, a landowner has not duty to inspect the land to be sure that it is a safe for a specific recreational use or to discover any dangerous conditions. To learn more about the State laws, please read Vermont’s Public Recreation on Private Land. This comprehensive document was written by the Vermont Agency of Natural Resources Dept. of Forests, Park & Recreation and outlines the law and how you are protected.