Bike Cleaning Tips & Tricks


Bike Mechanic: Dave Clifford
Recommended Tools and Cleaning Solutions:
• Brush kits (an old tooth brush works too!)
• Rags
• Gear brush
• Chain lube
• Simple Green
• Windex (or other glass cleaners)
• Dish soap and water

• Keep your bike clean!
• Wipe your bike down with a damp rag.
• Wipe off the dirt around the fork seals and rear shock.
• Leave the seat post out and the grease seat post occasionally.
• After cleaning your bike,
- Dry your bike.
- Lube your chain.
- Lube the spoke nipple ring interface.
- Lube the derailleur pivots.

• Don’t use a hose. If you have to, don’t spray directly at any moving pieces (pivots, bearings, suspension), and don’t use a direct jet.
• Don’t touch your rotors. Period.
• Don’t put your bike away muddy.
• Don’t use solvents.
• Don’t forget to lube the chain when you’re done!

Microsoft Word - SMBC Bike Maintenance Clinic- Basic Bike Cleani



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