Spring Trail Work Day Moved to May 21


2016 Spring Trail Work Day: May 21

Well I suppose it’s a good problem to have that there are this many MTB-related things going on in one day.  May 14th is packed with bike swaps, races, and all sorts of other knobby-tired goodness.  So in order to accommodate everyone’s busy schedules, we’ve decided to change the Spring Trail Work Day to May 21.  

We’ll still have Hardy Avery and his crew on board to lead the charge on a couple of big ol’ projects, The Bagel has offered up some fresh bagels for breakfast, and the obligatory picnic by the river afterwards is sure to be a good time.  If you haven’t already, be sure to reply to the Facebook invite so we know how much food to buy for the after party.   See you on the 21st!



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